LTV (lowtekvision) consists of a special reading device‬ for people with low vision that by a close-circuit television set blows up texts on a screen, and a kinetic machine* that spins disks on three separated axes that rotate in different speed/direction. Placing the machine under the video camera of the device generates a motion image on the screen. The user can control the speed, and like choosing a record according to musical genres, select discs from a library of diverse shapes and patterns, classified according to visual genres.

Once an expensive high-tech novelty, the device formerly helped my deceased grandfather compensate for his low vision. He used it strictly for reading and could never tolerate applying it for the playful testing of how various objects appear on the screen. In its afterlife, the device exposes a ubiquitous short sightedness, rendering users of every generation blind to other potential (mis)uses of technology. LTV demonstrates a transition from reading to interacting, from the printed text to the moving image. While exposing a generational gap in perception it goes beyond another, the gap between the live physical moving performer and the mediated image, animated by video. The image and the object from which it originates coexist in LTV, advancing a mode of experiencing them both in real-time. To further manifest liveness the installation could also be extended to a VJ performance.

*Mechanical engineer: Boaz Katz


b. Tel Aviv, 1982. Lives and works in Berlin.
bikecore (a) g m a i l . c o m


2009-2011MFA – New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus University, Weimar.
2004-2008 B.ed in Fine Art, Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel


2018Artis, exhibition grant.

Solo exhibitions

2018 Shaatnez, Alpha Nova & Galerie Futura, Berlin, Germany
2017Big Screen, Transfer Gallery, New-York-City
2015Magenta Dream™, The Store, Dresden, Germany
2014Apophenia, Transfer Gallery, New-York-City

Selected group exhibitions

2017CONCRETE::DYNAMIC /with Horst Bartnig, Panke.Gallery, Berlin
2016Way of something (Lorna Miles), in the exhibition Dreamland: Immersive Cinema and Art, Whitney Museum New-York-City.
2015Hamster Hipster Handy, Museum für Angewandte Kunst , Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
2015Reading The Line, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada.
2015Alternative, Sprechsaal, Berlin, Germany.
2014Same Place, Studio Nihil Baxter, Berlin, Germany.
2013How the Fuck Did I End Up here, The Store, Berlin, Germany.
2013Glitch Moment/um, Furtherfield, London, UK.
2013Die Asporas and the Mystery of the Practical Zionists, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2012Die Asporas, Preview Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
2011Glitc/h 20111, Chicago, USA and Amsterdam, The Netherland.
2011Anbau, Weltecho, Chemnitz, Germany
2010Code Code, Shenkar Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010Swimming Backward, Beton Salon, Paris, France.
2010City Map, Marke.6, Neues Museum, Weimar, Germany
200920+ And There Arose A New Generation That Did Not Know Raffi Lavi‎, Sommer — contemporary art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Actions & Performance

2016Athen Digital Art Festival
2015Pizza Pavilion, Venice, Italy.
2014Hypersalon (during miami Basel week), Miami, USA.
2014Extend.fm, Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem, Israel.
2014Art Hack Day, Afterglow, Transmediale, Berlin.
2011Extend.fm, Galerie Eigenheim, Weimar.