big screen

Transfer, 2017

Big Screen is a series of large scale patchwork quilts, carefully crafted to generate animated abstract films. ‘Big Screen’ moves between the traditional craft of quilting typically associated with feminine labor, and the world of animation and motion graphics. It recasts the attempts made by early modernist artists to create a formal visual language for experimental film aesthetic.

“I am interested in moments in the history of media where a medium is still new and unexplored. The decision to connect quilt and animation comes from a desire to create a unique framework. I restricted my environment by combining these two worlds and experimenting within the constraints embedded in these formats. This provided me with a strict set of rules and by choosing these formats I was obliged to follow the rules. Starting with the patchworks I used solid colors, avoiding printed fabrics and let the patterns created by the tiled shapes form the basis of the visual language, similar to limitation that were enforced in early attempts to making visual with any new medias”.

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a bit of everything, 2016 | hand-sewn quilt, 100% cotton fabric

century of progress , 2015-2016 | hand-sewn quilt, 100% cotton fabric

electric garden, 2015-2016 | hand-sewn quilt, 100% cotton fabric

electric garden, detail.

black and white noise, 2016-2017 | hand-sewn quilt, 100% cotton fabric