magenta dream™

The Store, Dresden, 2015

Magenta Dream™ is an ongoing visual research project by artist Alma Alloro. In this project Alloro investigates the notion of branding through the aesthetic of borscht, a soup of Ukrainian origin. The distinctive color of beetroot in borscht, magenta (hex code #FF00FF) is her point of departure into a deconstruction of the product’s identity. The piece shown at S T O R E will take the form of a cooking show filmed in front of a live audience. During the show, chef Alloro will host a mystery guests and engage in conversation with them. Together, they will prepare borscht and talk about Magenta Dream™ – a fictional term used by the artist to describe a spiritual and sensual phenomena that seemingly occurs while making borscht. The public is invited to participate as part of the live audience.
(from press release)