Alma Alloro

Hello, I'm Alma Alloro!

Get ready to be mesmerized by the electrifying creativity of Alma Alloro - a multi-talented artist, designer, and educator based in the pulsing heart of Berlin! Born and raised in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv during the wild '80s and '90s, Alma's love for art and the underground punk music scene was forged early on. In 2009, she took her talent to Germany and earned her MFA in 'Art In Public Space' at Bauhaus University, Weimar, and since then, her work has been showcased on an international stage, receiving accolades in solo and group exhibitions alike.

Fueled by her insatiable curiosity and passion for craft, Alma is always exploring new frontiers, pushing the boundaries of conventional art and design. Whether she's working with her hands to create intricate drawings, or harnessing the power of code to bring her animations to life, Alma is never afraid to experiment with new techniques and materials. From the tangible mediums of painting, textiles, and graphic design, to the digital realm of music, Alma's work is a true reflection of her adventurous spirit. So come and discover the brilliant world of Alma Alloro - your senses will thank you for it!

Stay in touch via Instagram SoundCloud or Twitter, or drop me a message at bikecore (at)

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